About Mekanzy

Mekanzy Middle East was founded in 2019 and is an independent supplier of quality elevator accessories. We supply the most innovative solutions in elevator accessories, including but not limited to Media Displays, Hall lanterns, Push buttons, and bespoke solutions. We represent some of the world renowned brand manufacturers of quality elevator products like Dewhurst, Wurtec, E-motive displays, Memco, etc.

We are committed to providing quality products and solutions. Whilst continuing to invest in our current portfolio we are also continuously looking to the future and listening to our customer’s needs in an ever-changing world.


What sets us apart is that we look much deeper than the surface of a project, using our extensive knowledge of engineering, to design the best solutions for our clients. By applying cutting-edge thinking and integrated technologies we are able to deliver solutions that are efficient, cost effective and practical. Our philosophy is to aim to deliver ‘added value’ throughout each and every project.

Our clients like working with us because we listen and put them first in everything we do. By fully understanding their needs, objectives and challenges we are able to provide the best solutions, often exceeding expectations in the projects.

Beautiful Design

Excellent Quality

High Performance

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